This is not the official website of Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation...
The aim of this website is to Maintain the City Clean & Green. Not only that, But to make it an International Level City with Zero Tolarance & Very High Standards of Living...
Yes! It is Possible, if We decide & follow it !!!
What do you think, can we have this type of area around us?
YES! we will make our Gandhinagar Very Clean - More Than This. Neat and Clean Roads, Well Managed Parking, Effective Street & Road Lights, Rubbish Free Footpath & Dust Free Environment.

Not only that, we will keep the city as Green as Possible. We will maintain all the Rules. The people will live International Standards Lives. Gandhinagar will be the Talk of the Nation.

Does Anybody like this type of situation in the City?
No... No... No...
We don't want to get the same road as so many other cities have. You can see traffic Jam, illegal Stalls & Shops, Rubbish every where, Rain & Drainage water on road, dust in atmosphere, etc. in so many other cities, BUT we don't want it in Gandhinagar.
So, Let's meet and start !!! We have to work hard for it !!!
Can You do something for Gandhinagar?
If Yes, Please Contact Webmaster.
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